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Shotgun Holler features Shawn Brock (mandolin/harmony vocals), Matt Jones (guitar/lead vocals), Rod Lunger (bass/harmony vocals), Nathan Treadway (banjo), and Alex Benefiel (fiddle/harmony vocals) who hail from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Shotgun Holler's Debut Album "Loaded" Mixes Traditional Bluegrass With A Modern Alternative Edge: "Loaded" is released by Lonesome Day Records' new imprint, Dry Lightning Records.

It’s not often that a bluegrass band comes around sporting tattoos and singing about things that some radio stations of that genre might find a bit too left of center, but that’s exactly what Shotgun Holler is all about. 

The subject matter tackled on the band’s debut album released on June 30, 2015 dives into some darker topics not usually heard in traditional bluegrass music, such as drug addiction, and prostitution. “We don’t really fit the typical bluegrass mold of today,” explains Brock. “Instrumentally we are pretty recognizable as bluegrass. We’re using the traditional bluegrass instruments,- banjo, guitar, upright bass, mandolin, and fiddle. Where we tend to cross into other areas is the material that we choose, which can be very non-traditional. Lyrically, all of the songs aren’t necessarily wholesome.”

It was one fateful day listening to the radio that inspired Brock, a long-time session musician who also has three jazz albums under his belt, to start Shotgun Holler in February of 2014. “I was listening to a bluegrass radio station and it was kind of like a volcano was building up inside of me. It seemed like people were cutting this watered down sterile material singing about the same subject matter and no one is trying to sound different. I listened to five songs and couldn’t tell one artist from another. I have been playing Bluegrass for 23 years, and in the 90’s I knew every artist who came on just by their sound. Blue Highway had a great distinctive sound, which was vastly different from the classic sound of the Bluegrass Album Band. Both are favorites of Shotgun Holler members, but each unit had their own thing going. I called friend and former band member from the group Blue and Lonesome Matt Jones and I said,“I’m sick of hearing singers and pickers imitate each other and cover songs that were just recorded 3 years ago. Let’s put a band together and do what we’ve always tried to do, be different.” His words to me were, “Man, I’ve just been waiting on you.” From there, the two co-founders, Brock and Jones put a band together featuring seasoned players. With their impressive resumes, they were able to book shows before the band even had their first rehearsal.

"Loaded" was produced by Mountain Heart founding member Jim VanCleve at Lonesome Day Studios in Booneville, Kentucky. Van Cleve has produced award winning projects spanning a variety of genres for acts such as Mountain Heart, Newfound Road, Del Shields, Celebration of Life II (Musicians Against Childhood Cancer), Annabelle Road, his own Grammy Nominated solo project, and the IBMA Awards Show Theme, among others. VanCleve engineered the album with Greg Lawrence. VanCleve, Shawn Brock, and Matt Jones mixed the record in Lexington, Kentucky.

Shotgun Holler Studio Appearance on Sirius XM Bluegrass Junction 

Shotgun Holler rolled into Nashville last week for a studio recording session with Sirius-XM’s Bluegrass Junction! This is one of the most popular programs in the genre which is hosted by Kyle Cantrell. We are as proud as we can be to be featured in high rotation on Sirius-XM Bluegrass Junction, and can’t wait for our appearance to start airing in June 2016. Please tune in and give it a listen.

Out In The Parkin Lot Debuts At Number 10 On The Bluegrass Today Weekly Chart 

Not often does a band have a single make it’s first chart appearance in the top 10, but it is an even bigger deal when you are Shotgun Holler. Some may have questioned the band’s reasoning and longevity with the so-called “edgy” material on their freshman album Loaded. “Some people had told us that we may get ran out of Bluegrass," said Lead Singer/ Guitarist Matt Jones, "but we promised ourselves that we would not perform under the restrictions of censorship.” “I knew we would be okay When we were called to Nashville to be on Track By Track On Sirius-XM Bluegrass Junction," says Shawn Brock, the other co-founder of Shotgun Holler, "As soon as we started shaking hands with Kyle Cantrell, he said, 'Boys I’m glad to meet you! You have a record here which is exactly what Bluegrass needs.' I knew if someone of Kyle’s stature would have good words to say about our record, that the social climate would be a lot warmer than the glue and doom predictors had said it would be."


Warm is perhaps a mild word to use for the social climate Shotgun Holler is experiencing. With an appearance on CMT earlier this summer, Track By Track coming next month and a top 10 single right out of the gate, it is fare to say the band’s reception is down-right hot in the least!

Track By Track on Sirius-XM Bluegrass Junction  

The Boys in the Holler set out for Nashville this week for a taping of Track By Track on Sirius-XM’s Bluegrass Junction! This is one of the most popular programs in the genre which is hosted by Kyle Cantrell. We are as proud as we can be to be featured in high rotation on Sirius-XM Bluegrass Junction, and can’t wait for our appearance to start airing the week of September 23rd. Please tune in and give it a listen.

Shotgun Holler to Perform on CMT  

Fans and band members alike we’re in a state of shock and joy last week during Shotgun Holler’s concert in Oxford, Ohio. Halfway through their first set Shawn Brock pulled out his phone and read a text message. “Friends, I never check my phone while I am on stage, but I have made an exception tonight. I have some big news for you and everyone in the band. I have just received a notification here that Shotgun Holler has been confirmed to be a guest on The Josh Wolf Show. We will record the performance on July 2nd in L.A.” 


With their freshman album Loaded hitting stores on June 30th, the boys of Shotgun Holler are bound to have a big week. “It is always an honor to perform for anyone”, said Brock, “but being on network television! It is hard to top that.” 


“Man I am like, wow!”, says bassist Rod Lunger, “I am thinking about it, but can’t recall the last Bluegrass act I saw on CMT. It almost never happens these days. All I can say is that I’m ready.” 


Brock and Jones conversed openly on the opportunity after the show. “Man everything just seems to be falling into place for us”, Jones said, “I have been kicked around in music for years. Everywhere you go, they slam the door in your face. Now it is like you have some big dude with a battering-ram going to bat for you, and every door he comes to he just knocks the damn thing off the hinges.” “It must be God Man” said Brock, “God and good publicity are the only ones who can get things done.” 


The band has plans to do a few appearances while in So-Cal, so please check back for your chance to check them out in early July on the Left Coast.

Loaded, the new album from Shotgun Holler set to hit June 30th 

 Bluegrass and Acoustic Music is set to receive the new and fresh  sounds of Shotgun Holler and their new album Loaded  “We have set the bar damn high with this record and the song collection within”, says Shawn Brock, who co-founded the band with Singer/ Guitarist Matt Jones.


 “In my 25 years of making music, this is the most excited I have ever been about a record. It all starts with good songs, and some how, people have forgotten that. Some of the best songs ever written have never been cut, and for some reason people are to lazy to go out and find them. Matt and I agreed that we would only cut a song if we were touched by it in a big way. Basically  every song we chose in the selection process had to feel like it may be the best song on the record. Often times I have worked on records with other artists and heard them say, “I need a few more B cuts to round out this album.” Or, “I think people will like this song.” That is not how we do things in Shotgun Holler. We record a song because we feel it, not because we think others will like it. Our stance is that if we cut music that we feel and love, then likeminded fans will come.” 


While you are here, sample the eleven tracks on Loaded and decide for yourself.

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